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For 6th grade students it is very important to learn how to write appropriate book reports. The assignment will reveal their potential in describing certain parts of the book by applying the analytical thinking. That is why it is vital for them to develop the skills through completing the 6th grade book report. In such a way the abilities gained through completing the task will help them to write more complicated assignments.

The following article is aimed to explain to the teachers and parents some important peculiarities of the 6th grade report. Thus, the teachers will learn how to create an assignment that will be appropriate to the 6th grade students. Besides, the parents will be able to help the children with completing the task. So, look through the article carefully and you will familiarize yourself with the distinctive features of the assignment.

1. Help the children to choose the book that will be interesting for them to read. Consider the children's age and preferences.

2. Create a special time-table for reading the book. In such a way the child will be more likely to finish reading it on time.

3. Make sure that the child has read the book and understands its main ideas. If he/she did not, try to explain some peculiarities of the book on your own words. However, do not impose your personal opinion to the child. Remember, that they must learn how to form their own viewpoint about the book.

4. Begin to write the book report. In order to make the task easier, you may download an appropriate book report template. Make sure that it is divided into certain sections that help a child to describe the ideas, settings, characters, events, etc. Also, consult the assignment for the necessary requirements.

5. Next, help your child to write down the information that is relevant for each subheading. If you are not using the template the general structure of the paper will be: introduction, plot, main characters, your favorite character and conclusion.

6. Help the child to create a title page. Here you need to include the personal data of the student, information about the book (title, author, publication information) and submission date.

7. Also, assist the child in verifying the mistakes in the report.

If you want to help the children to write 6th grade book report, you need to be aware of the appropriate techniques. Use the pieces of advice given in the article and you will certainly contribute to the improvement of the children's writing skills.

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