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ACT is one of the standardized tests taken by most school graduates and college students. One section of the test includes writing an essay that will reveal your true knowledge of academic writing rules and techniques. In order to prepare to the essay writing, many students use ACT sample essays, but not all of them know that a high-quality example must have certain requirements that will be definitely checked by the committee.

In order to help you to choose the best ACT sample essays, we have elaborated the specific features that good example papers must possess. This information will certainly assist you in distinguishing effective papers among the rest. Use or tips carefully and you will not be disappointed with the result.

There are some characteristics of a well-written ACT sample essays. Check the example you use for the following features and you will be sure of its quality.

1. A good sample paper should give precise responses to the assignment question.

2. There should be several views on an issue. All of them must be analyzed thoroughly and have proving or denying arguments.

3. The cultural background of the issue should be also discussed in the sample paper.

4. The counterarguments on the topic are also essential. An author must present them while discussing the theme and deny them with effective proofs.

5. The organization of the paper should be clear. There should be three significant parts: introduction, body and conclusion. The paragraphs should be ordered logically and coherently proceeding from the most important information to the least important material.

6. The introduction should provide complete context and background of the topic. Moreover, it is aimed to make the reader interested in what the author is going to discuss.

7. The language and style of the sample should be effective. Also, the vocabulary should be rich. The author must sound professional and competent in discussing the issue.

8. The sentence structure must be different. It will say more about the author's writing skills. Also, the grammar should be correct.

9. There should be no spelling mistakes in the sample paper.

In order to find a high-quality ACT sample essays, you need to search thoroughly and attentively. Remember, that not all example papers you download may appear to be helpful in your case. Use the papers that have all the above characteristics and you will be definitely satisfied.

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