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You are assigned to write a lot of essays during the course of American literature. Unfortunately, not all of the assignments are easy to complete. Some of them may be really challenging and time consuming. However, if you choose American literature essay topics that are interesting for you, even the most difficult assignment will inevitably become more enjoyable and captivating.

If you have not chosen an interesting topic yet, here is the list of the different American literature essay topics in this article. Look through the list carefully and you will definitely find some that you can work with successfully. Do not hesitate, choose a topic and begin to write!

The list of American literature essay topics:

1. Colonial literature and its major literary works.

2. Captain John Smiths and his contribution to the development of American literature.

3. The main motives in Daniel Danton's literature.

4. What were the major topics of the colonial literature?

5. Representation of religion in early writings.

6. William Bradford and the main themes of his literature.

7. Anne Bradstreet and her lyrics.

8. Nicolas Noyes and the peculiarities of his doggerel verse.

9. Translations of John Elliot.

10. Samuel Sewall and his description of life in the 17 century.

11. Thomas Jefferson and his commitment to the USA independence in his literature.

12. James Otis and his political writings.

13. The peculiarities of the first American novels.

14. “The Power of Sympathy” by William Hill Brown and its main motives.

15. Susanna Rowson's “Charlotte: A Tale of Truth”. The theme of love in the novel.

16. Women novels and their distinctive features.

17. Gothic novels and their major motives.

18. Genre of autobiography: main authors, works and themes.

19. Early American poetry.

20. Realism in American literature.

21. The literature of the World War period.

22. The rise of American drama.

23. Science fiction and fantasy.

24. The era of depression in literature.

25. Post World War II literature: the main works and motives.

26. Short fiction and poetry in the post World War II period.

27. Contemporary American literature.

28. The literature of minorities.

29. The winners of American Nobel prizes in the literature.

30. American literature awards.

Now you have probably decided on the topic you want to write about. Carry out a thorough research and analyze the topic you have chosen. Also, follow all the necessary requirements and you will certainly make the readers curious about the topic presented in your essay.

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