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When a student is assigned to write an argumentative essay, he/she often tries to search for the effective sources of information which are able to explain how to write a paper of this kind. For the novices in academic writing, argumentative essay examples may also serve as a reliable material for acquiring necessary skills needed for writing original papers. All they need to know is how to find the effective argumentative samples.

The following article is aimed to teach the students how to define good argumentative essay examples among the large amount of different essay samples. With the help of this article you will know what the features of a proper argumentative essay are. Knowing this, you will easily find the most appropriate essays examples of this kind.

Good argumentative essay examples should have the following basic characteristics:

1. An essay sample should represent strong points and support the only one side of an argument. An author does not have to switch from one point to the other.

2. The facts included in an example should relate straightly to the topic. The supporting facts do not have to be falsified or exaggerated.

3. An essay sample should represent both positive and negative sides of a topic. An author has to provide pros and cons to an argument, as without this an essay does not have a purpose.

4. A sample should contain an author's personal ideas and thoughts. They certainly have to be supported by the related evidences and proven facts.

5. The entire example of writing should relate to the main theme. Make sure that an author does not move away from the clue points of the thesis statement as well.

6. A conclusion should not start the other argument, but to sum up already discussed ones. Moreover, it should not support any side of the topic. In fact, it has to paraphrase the thesis statement and to include general statement of the points included in an essay sample. Also it should be rather neutral and unique. It is appreciated, if a conclusion includes an author's own opinion about a topic.

So, the argumentative essay examples may serve as a valuable source for those students who are searching for the effective information considering this type of academic writing. With the help of the basic characteristics given above, you may find the most appropriate samples which will definitely satisfy your greatest expectations.

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