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Why is it important for students to pick up argumentative topics that correspond to their particular interests? The answer for this question is fairly obvious. Firstly, the fascinating topic will make the process of writing a lot easier and curious. Moreover, if a student has strong convictions about certain issue, this will add some emotional point to the writing and, thus, will sound more interesting to the readers.

There are a lot of argumentative topics offered by different sources of information. In our article you will be able to find a list of argumentative topics that are the most popular among today's students. Look for the one that meets your expectations and you will certainly fascinate your audience.

The list of the most popular argumentative topics:

1. What do you think about the issue of domestic violence?

2. Are new generations dependent on high technology?

3. Is it humane to use animals for scientific testing?

4. Cell phone use while driving.

5. The issue of death penalty.

6. Sex education in schools should be improved in order to prevent teenage pregnancy.

7. Should teenagers be given more freedom?

8. The change of male role in our modern society.

9. Violence in mass media.

10. Manipulative advertisement.

11. The issue of child labor.

12. Space exploration.

13. Are we the only civilization in the Universe?

14. Endangered species.

15. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

16. Does school limit the religious rights of some people?

17. Negative effects of cell phone usage.

18. The importance of fashion to teenagers.

19. Do vegetarians care about the animals or about their own health?

20. Wearing uniforms at schools should not be obligatory.

21. Is a plastic surgery improving our body or ruining it?

22. Surveillance cameras put the privacy under threat.

23. Computer addiction should be recognized as an illness.

24. Natural resources conservation should become a worldwide practice.

25. Should the USA welcome immigrants from other countries?

26. Legalization of mercy killing.

27. Are the family members responsible if the teenager commits a crime?

28. Video piracy.

29. Human trafficking.

30. Teenage abortions.

There are a lot of different topics offered by different sources. It is vital for you to find an interesting argumentative topic that will make the process of writing more enjoyable. Choose a theme from the above list and you can be sure that the reader will like it.

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