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What concepts of education do you know? Have you ever heard of the banking concept of education? It is very important to understand the approach you are being taught and its methods. When you understand the main goals your teachers are trying to meet, you will succeed in your study, as you will see the result you are moving to. What are the main pros and cons of the banking concept of education?

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What associations appear in your mind when you hear the word-combination ‘the banking concept of education'? Do you imagine the bank that is being filled with the knowledge? Does the picture of receiving the bank profit appear in your brains? These associations will be correct to some extent, as this conception deals with gathering knowledge and benefiting from its complex.

The banking concept of education is a rather disputable matter. Different people may find different upsides and downsides of this approach. We can define two of them. The first one will be its strength. Its essence lies in the facts that a student gathers different knowledge from different sources. Later on, the time is coming to implement this ‘bank' of knowledge and skills performing certain task. Your skills will not be implemented separately, instead you will use them in complex. That is why to accomplish different scope tasks is easier for those students who have been taught with the approach based on the banking concept of education.

What is the downside then? At the beginning all the students are treated as zero bank accounts. The time of their studies is passing by and this account is getting deposited with some knowledge. What if not each of the students is a zero one? Perhaps, someone will be even more skillful than a teacher. The banking concept of education erases the interacting between a teacher and a student. An individual approach to every student is not what it deals with. All the students are the same. All of them need to learn the same materials, to master the same skills. But we are all different. Maybe it is not correct.

What do you think about the banking concept of education? How would you modify it? What other upsides or downsides can you find in it? Those mentioned above are the most vivid ones. Knowledge can never be useless and you will find the way to implement it. The students should not be considered the same. These are facts for you to develop your own ideas or to agree to them. So, is the banking concept of education completely beneficial or useless?

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