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A Business case study is a document that describes the case of an industry or a company. There must be enough information about the problems the industry or the company faces, strengths or weaknesses of the industry/company. In order to write the finest case study, you must spend a considerable amount of time gathering information, studying the history of the industry/company and making a plan of your writing.

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To write a good business case study you also have to meet the structural requirements. The structure of the study is similar to other articles. It must have the introduction with a few words about the company (if it is a company you are writing about) and the company's past.

In the body paragraph, you must analyze the company's strengths or weaknesses. You have to state in what spheres the company is strong and mention the spheres where it is weak. For example, the company may be strong in manufacturing and weak in marketing. Explain what consequences it has for the company. You are obliged to identify the strategy of the company. Identify the corporate level and the business level strategies of the company.

It is necessary to make an analysis of the company's subsidiaries and achievements. In your case study, you ought to present the company's goals and control system used by the company in order to put its business strategies into practice. You are also expected to examine its hierarchy. If the company has undergone some organizational changes you need to draw a conclusion about their effectiveness.

The final part of your business case study is the conclusion. In this part, you must say whether the company has a successful future and present your recommendations. You must make a short summary of your entire analysis and every recommendation must be supported by a fact from your analytical article about the company. Do not confuse your judgment of the company with your personal opinions about it. The entire analysis must be clear and honest. Be persuasive but reasonable.

When you finish writing, you have to check your paper and correct any mistake that you spot.

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