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Cause and effect essays are often considered to be difficult assignments because of the complicated structure. The required way of paragraph organization confuses many students. That is why they frequently need assistance with completing the assignments of this type.

If you are also not familiar with the proper cause and effect essay structure, our article will definitely assist you. Here we will comment on the two important ways of organization that are required by the peculiarities of the task. Choose the one that seems easier for you, follow our guidelines and you will understand how to complete the assignment without any efforts.

The first variant is used to describe one effect and a number of causes. Here is the structure of the paper:

1. Thesis statement in which you need to present the causes and the one effect which is the result of them. For example: The women alcoholism is a phenomenon which is the result of social pressure, lack of happiness in family life and inappropriate upbringing.

2. The first body paragraph is aimed to describe the first cause presented in the thesis statement. Also, you need to support it with reliable facts and examples.

3. The second body paragraph needs to introduce the second cause which should be proved with effective evidence.

4. The third body paragraph will comment on the third cause of the thesis statement. The information should be also supported with relevant proofs.

5. The conclusion will summarize all the three causes and comment on the effect.

The second variant of essay structure represents multiple effects of the one cause:

1. Write a thesis statement that will inform the readers about the different results which are caused by one factor. For example, television advertisement influences people's minds and makes them buy unnecessary things.

2. In the first body paragraph you are required to comment on the first effect presented in the thesis statement.

3. In the second body paragraph you need to describe the second effect in a detailed way.

4. In the conclusion you need top sum up the most important information and rephrase the thesis statement.

In the article we have commented on the two ways of cause and effect essay structure. Now, it is up to you which one to use. We advice you to pick up the one that will suit to the topic you choose and which seems easier for you. Follow our recommendations and you will definitely write a well-structured paper.

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