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Causes and effects essay is a paper, which explains the reasons of some phenomenon and interprets its consequences. It is always better to use this form of essay to explain some occurrence. Besides, such papers train critical thinking and analytical skills of the student.

If you cannot differentiate causes and effects, the better way is to ask a question. A cause answers on the question why something happened and an effect provide the answer on what happened in the result of such happening. For example, if you are going to describe water pollution with the help of causes and effects essay you name the reasons of water pollution appearance and the consequences of its spreading.

When you are going to write the essay you may choose different order of presentation of reasons and consequences. As a rule, it is more logical that you begin with causes of the event and then set about its effects.

There are several types of causes and effects essay. First essay provides with several causes, which lead to one effect. The second one has one cause and several effects. And the last version is built like a domino; the events lead one to another. Each reason and consequence is explained in separate paragraph. They must be logically presented and have connection to each other. It is important not to use empty sentences, which have no sense at all.

Starting an essay, you must make a statement, which shows clearly whether you are going to describe causes, effects, or both. In the introduction, you present the idea you are going to develop in the essay. As a rule, such statement goes along with words ‘cause' and ‘effect'. In the body, you present all your ideas proved by the facts. It is important to conduct some research and collect background information on the topic. The presented facts must have some logical order. They can be presented in chronological order, according to their importance, or category attribution

Often, the essays are full of transitions. Both, causes and effects have their own transitional phrases. For example, writers use because of, since, as, first, second, and so on. For effects, that is why, in a result, in a consequence, therefore, and others are used. Such phrases are necessary to make the whole text integral and more understandable for the reader.

In every cases and effects essay, the main subject must be chosen with responsibility. You can achieve a good result only if you are interested in the topic and can collect enough information to make it vivid and attractive for the reader.

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