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Child labor papers are associated with the topic of child labor. The document should describe every aspect of the topic. Readers must understand why the problem exists. You need to explain what countries engage children into manual labor. More than 150 million youngsters in the world are involved in child labor. The labor conditions are dangerous. Kids work in mines and in the fields with pesticides and other chemicals. They are in the factories, plants, in homes working as servants, in plantations growing coffee beans or cocoa beans. Every person likes eating chocolate, but none of them knows that cocoa beans that were turned into the chocolate had been grown and gathered by children in African countries. Many of the children were stolen from homes and work like slaves in cocoa plantations. The strangest thing is that some of those companies, which buy cocoa beans from the agricultural estates where cocoa beans grow, know that children work there and do nothing to stop that.

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Child labor papers should say that youngsters are engaged in labor In Sub-Saharan Africa (more than 50 million) and in South Asia (about 50 million). The fact is that people in many African and many Asian countries are very poor and usually have many children. So, eldest of them have to go to work in order to support themselves or their parents, brothers and sisters. Often, there is no work for adults in the area, so children have to go to work in order to save their parents and other relatives from starvation. Girls usually work in homes; boys are welcome in plantations or mines. Because minors have to work, they have no time for education. Child employment is mostly widespread in developing countries. Kids are badly paid; nonetheless, they save their families from hunger.

Child labor papers need to explain why employers like to employ minors for hard work. Owners of plantations, mines, factories and plants like children because they pay children less than they would pay adults if they hired them. Children do not realize their rights and cannot argue with adults who hire them. Those youngsters who are involved in employment have been robed their childhood. However, their parents may have also worked when being children. Therefore, those children who work will later have their own children and will have to send them to plantations or plants. It is obvious that those countries where children support their families have a completely different philosophy about childhood and family life.

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