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A successful college application essay will certainly persuade the admission committee that you are the candidate to be approved. However, the question is how to write en effective paper that will convince a reader that you deserve to win? This may be a tough question to answer if you do not know much about academic writing. But if you do, there are certain clue tips that will give you a deeper insight into this type of essay.

The following article will help you understand what an admission committee expects from your application essay. We will thoroughly answer the question what things you have to pay attention to and what mistakes you have to avoid. Through reading this article you will better understand the peculiarities of a college application assay that will give you more confidence to write a successful paper.

10 effective tips for writing your college application essay

1. Use your own voice to express the thoughts and ideas. Do not refer to “thesaurus” language. Big words, particularly when they are misused, diminish the value of the paper. They make an essay sound contrived rather than natural.

2. Try to be interesting. Do not bore the readers with the ideas they are already familiar with. You must be original if you want to be approved. Give them a new look on a prosaic theme, surprise them with your creativity and extraordinary way of thinking. This will definitely attract their attention.

3. Use personal details. A successful paper should be supported by great amount of personal details that will give the readers a possibility to better understand your character.

4. Avoid using unnecessary words. If a phrase or a sentence can be shortened to a couple of words, do it. Try to be concise in your writing. Do not make the audience read plenty of information about nothing.

5. Use appropriate language. However, a college essay requires you to write in your everyday language, never use slang, clichés and contractions. Moreover, an excessively casual tone should be eliminated.

6. Use different sentence structure. Include in your paper variety of sentences of different structure and length. Also, do not forget to use transitions.

7. Use active voice verbs. Passive verbs make the writing sound plain and uninteresting, so it is better not to use them.

8. Answer the question determined by the assignment. Avoid writing an autobiography or a list of your accomplishments. Remember that there is a direct question that you need to give answer to.

9. Edit and revise. Every time you reread your paper, try to find some mistakes or awkward sentences and correct them immediately.

10. Ask somebody to check your paper. A fresh look on your work may be useful for improving it.

To conclude, the college application essay is fairly easy task to complete if you use these 10 tips. With the help of them you will learn how to improve your writing and make it successful.

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