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Not all students are fond of writing. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid writing academic papers even if you really dislike it. Luckily, these days you can find college essay help online. In this paper, you will find some useful instructions on how to write a powerful argumentative essay.

You can always count on our professional college essay help. We produce all kinds of papers up to the university level, so do not hesitate to address us if you feel that the task you are given this time is too complicated. We have lots of books, journals and magazines available from the best online libraries, so we can conduct the research for you and save you from excessive stress.


To start, decide on the topic of your argumentative paper. Typically, your teacher asks you a question, but you have to formulate the topic yourself. It is a good idea to have some background reading. You may come across an interesting idea in your textbook, so all you have to do is develop it. Then, formulate your thesis statement. An effective thesis statement should be disputable. You can check if it is so, finding arguments for and against it.


Gather evidence to sound persuasive. While reading books and journals, briefly summarize the main ideas, which are relevant to your work. Try to be accurate and do not provide your own interpretation of the author's words. If you do not want to come back to your resources again, write down some direct quotations, which you will include in your text.


Create an outline of your argumentative paper. Briefly state its main points. Distribute your resources according to the relevant parts of your work.


Write a draft of your argumentative paper.Check that the parts connect smoothly with each other; maybe you will have to reorganize some parts of your work.It is a good idea to show the draft to your teacher. If the draft is approved, pass over to the nest stage.


Write your argumentative paper. Remember, that you are strongly encouraged to use scientific language and avoid colloquial words. Check your paper for grammar and punctuation errors. When it is finished, format your work according to the style specified in the paper's requirements. Pay enough attention to the proper formatting of in-text citations. At the end, do not forget to create a reference list, where you should list all the recourses you have used. Arrange them in the alphabetical order.

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