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Contrast essay is a type of academic paper that is relatively easy to write. Most of the time your professor will give you a detailed assignment, which you are to stick to. Thus, if you follow all the academic requirements, you will succeed in most of the cases. However, sometimes the theme is free and it is up to the student to choose the compare contrast essay topics.

Interestingly, this task, which seems quite simple on the fact of it, may cause certain difficulties. First of all, you should remember that your paper should have a purpose. You cannot just contrast and compare without any obvious reason. However, if you face certain difficulties in choosing a subject, do not try to find a solution on the sites that offer free or excessively cheap ready-made papers as they rarely meet professors' expectations and high academic standards. It is much better to consult a professional writer who can guarantee you the creativity of the essay's topic and the high execution level of a paper. No doubt, to find a qualified writer, you should consult a trustworthy custom writing service, which, luckily, you can do right here.

Our writers know perfectly well that a good compare contrast essay topics should not only have a purpose, but should also be challenging, interesting and creative. No one will enjoy reading a paper that is obviously boring or trivial. A professional writer avoids clichés and tries to get his reader involved in the discussion. Here a couple of examples would be suitable. Let's say you are writing a paper on literature, for instance, on Shakespeare's tragedies. You are to compare and contrast Hamlet and Othello. To complete a qualitative paper you cannot just say that Hamlet and Othello are both tragic heroes, who have some things in common, though, at the same time, they are different. This is cliché. Everyone will see that such paper was written only because its author did not want to get an F.

The creative approach is completely different. First of all, you are to analyze your characters and choose which personal traits you are going to compare. Make sure that the traits you pick up for your paper are not too obvious and trite. Remember that the things that lie on the surface are not always the best and strongest points for a research. Be inventive; do not be afraid of expressing your thoughts and ideas. A free topic gives way for imagination and this, with a proper experience and certain qualifications, will make your paper distinguishable and truly unique.

You should know that no one will be able to provide you with a list of compare contrast essay topics suitable every subject and level. However, if you use your imagination and the knowledge you have acquired during your studies, you will certainly choose the topic that will match your teacher's expectations and, what is even more important, will make your writing process interesting and easy.

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