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Research paper is not an easy assignment to complete. The amount of work you need to devote to writing it is time consuming and challenging. But, when you are assigned to create it, you have nothing else to do, but to look for the important material that will explain you how to write the research paper effectively.

Probably, the most important part of the writing process is to organize the paper appropriately. If you do not know what the main components of a research paper are, this article will certainly enrich your knowledge. Look through the information attentively and you will be able to organize the paper according to the established requirements.


This is the first component of a research paper to which you need to devote your attention. Its aim is to introduce the topic under analysis and explain the readers what the paper is about. Thus, it is good if you present some background of the issue you investigate. Moreover, your task is to make the introduction interesting, so it can motivate the readers to continue looking through your paper.


Body is the next and the most important component of a research paper. Its purpose is to convince the readers that the main idea of your research paper is correct or incorrect. You need to use this part of paper in order to describe your analysis of the issue and the process of investigation. In such a way, you present the work you have done in order to create this research paper. It is good if you follow logical sequence when organizing the paragraphs. In addition, the content of the body is significant too.


This component is also very important as it is aimed to summarize the main issues and the results of the investigation. Moreover, it proves or rejects the main idea of the paper.

Personal experience

In this part you are expected to analyze the work done, its possible applications and benefits it can bring to the science. Moreover, you also can describe your experiences while carrying out the research and indicate who helped you.

Citations and references

In this part you need to provide a list of references of the works cited in the paper. Thus, you will ensure that you will be not accused of plagiarizing. Moreover, you will show your competency about choosing appropriate literature considering your topic.

So, if you strive to create an exceptional paper, you must be aware of the necessary components of a research paper and follow them in the process of writing.

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