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Writing on social issues is one of the most favourite writing assignments among students. Such assignments do not require some extra difficult research and there are no doubts about their relevance. The matter is to structure the work appropriately and to present to the readers interesting and, what is more important, new facts. Then the work will be excellent. Writing a death penalty essay against is one of such assignments.

Our writers share the opinion about everlasting relevance of social issues. This relevance will exist as long as society exists. Thus, our task is to keep it prospering. Academic writing works increase the level of social intellect in students. That is why they must be assisted for them to be able to reach the heights. Our customers long for it, in their turn, and contact us if they need any writing advice. If you need a professionally written sample work or a professional guideline turn to us and enjoy your professional writing!

When writing a death penalty essay against, you should be ready to deal with sad things as it were. There is no fun in death penalty; still this topic is relevant as lives of people depend on this phenomenon. Explain this relevance to your readers and try somehow to drive at the fact that nobody is entitled to kill anybody. This will be the introduction to your work.

The main principle of any judging is fairness, or we can say justice. Will there be any justice if somebody kills a person, though he or she is guilty in some other crime, on a legal basis? You will say no, and you will be right. The matter of death penalty has always been a matter of mass protesting. It is quite understandable, as people cannot stay calm watching on the first national TV channel killing even a murderer. This matter should be the first one in your death penalty essay against.

The second point is that the decision on death penalty cannot be remade or rediscussed. This means that the court must be a thousand per cent sure in the accused being guilty. We know that some mistakes may happen in the procedure of solving a crime. The fine or incarceration penalties can be checked once again and the sentence will be reviewed. If you kill a person, you will never change anything. This argument is the most crucial one when writing the death penalty essay against. Nobody can kill anybody!

As you can see, the arguments of unfairness and irreversibility are the main ones to be included into your death penalty essay against. Illustrate these points with some examples. Unfortunately, there are some about the court mistakes and the victims of death penalty by mistake. Prove that killing, that is the death penalty, is not a legal sentence in the 21st century!

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