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Training and development issue needs a thorough research nowadays. In order to improve the field, students often choose to write dissertation on training and development. Based on different investigations, there is a lot of new information concerning the area of study. You may also contribute to it, if you manage to write an effective dissertation on the issue.

If you wander what issues you can analyze in the dissertation on training and development, you may use our recommendations. Here we will provide the list of interesting areas of the research you may include in your dissertation. Choose those that are the most interesting for you and your work will be certainly highly appreciated.

1. Employee development through effective management;

2. Learning and development;

3. Human resource development;

4. Differences between education, training and development;

5. Training and development “stakeholders”;

6. Conflicts between employees and employer. Their impact on the successful career;

7. The reasons of conflicts in a workplace;

8. How the companies contribute to the talent development of the employees;

9. What professional results can be achieved through effective coaching?

10. ADHD coaching and its peculiarities;

11. Business coaching;

12. The contribution of executive coaching on professional development;

13. Career coaching and career counseling;

14. Financial couching;

15. Coaching ethics;

16. Personal development industry;

17. Personal development and its contribution to a successful career;

18. Time management;

19. Objectives of training and development;

20. Training and development nature;

21. Training and development inputs;

22. Significance of training and development in a workplace;

23. Methods of training;

24. Training process;

25. Skills that are needed for taking decisions and solving conflicts;

26. Training designs;

27. Training program implementation;

28. Computer assisted instructions and their contribution to the training program;

29. Behavior modeling in training;

30. Apprenticeship and coaching;

31. Training and development methods and programs;

32. What are the distinctive training benefits?

33. What makes a successful training?

34. Benefits the employee gets from training and development programs;

35. Organizational strategies and objectives.

If you aim to complete an outstanding dissertation on training and development, these topics may be successfully used for the research or, at least, they will give you some hints on the possible directions of your investigation.

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