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Personal experience essay is a writing, which describes certain experience of the writer, providing with it's critical analysis. This essay shows how such experience influences author's life and why it was chosen for an essay subject.

Personal experience essay is to acquaint a reader with some event or phenomenon, which is related to your life. The subject may vary from your first love experience to your smell of powder in the battle in the school play. Whatever part of your life you will choose, it may appeal to you. If the subject does not evoke any feelings in your soul you will probably fail to attract readers attention to your story. If you think that your life is rather ordinary and cannot find any idea to describe in your essay, pay attention to every detail around. It may only seem to you that everyday is similar, but you probably had a first day at school, first love, and first disappointment in love, you had Christmas celebrations and weekends away from home, and even your ordinary day may be a good subject for your story. Everything depends on the way you are telling about the subject.

The structure of this essay is similar to other ones. It has introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction you make a statement of your story. It must be vivid and strong to persuade the reader to continue reading the story. There must be some allusion on the main subject, but not the complete revealing of the story. The point of the story is recited in the body. All your ideas are to be logically connected to each other in order to create an integral narrative. The middle part may consist of several paragraps, describing different, but relative issues of the story. In the conclusion, the author explains what impact had the described experience on his life. Remember, that it is obligatory to show such influence. Without it, there will be no experience point, only the reciting of some story.

It is always necessary to proofreader a writing after you finish it. Even professional writers give their work to editors for proofreading. The mistakes, committed during writing may vary from spelling, grammar, and wordiness to plagiarism, absence of references, and confusion of writing style. So, when you have already written your personal experience essay, put it away for some time. After a while, read it once more, and correct mistakes, which will become obvious to you after proofreading. While writing personal experience essay be ready to share your experience with others to make their lives easier or just to tell them something unknown and interesting that had never happened to them.

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