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When you have an assignment to write an essay, you need to know how to apply a correct format. For some professors an appropriate formatting plays a very important role, nearly the same as the content does. If your instructor did not give you some particular requirements according your essay format, you may use the most common one which will be further described.

The following article is aimed to acquaint you with the most common “five paragraph” essay format which is used for writing most types of assignments. With the help of our guide you will acquire necessary skills needed for applying your work to this format. Moreover, you will learn how to structure the essay correctly and according to the needs of your instructor.

“Five paragraph” essay consists of introduction, three body paragraphs (points) and conclusion. In fact, depending on the wideness of your topic and length of the writing, the number of body paragraphs may vary. However, if you use this structure, it will be easier for the reader to envision your essay.

An introduction should answer 3 questions:

1. What is needed to be discussed in this essay?

2. How is it needed to be represented?

3. What points need to be proved in this essay?

The first and second questions will help you to distinguish the subject of an essay and how it will be organized. The third question is your thesis statement which usually goes in the end of introduction. It should state clearly the points you are going to present in the paper.

The body paragraphs are those paragraphs between introduction and conclusion. Here you should present three main points you are going to discuss. Each paragraph should include:

1. introduction of a point;

2. its explanation;

3. supporting evidence;

4. explanation how the point relates to your thesis statement.

A conclusion usually restates your introduction. To write a correct conclusion, you have to paraphrase the three answers given in introduction and to sum up your main points.

So, this article presented “five paragraph” essay which is the most common type of essay format used in academic writing. Applying appropriate essay format is always important because it makes a paper easier to write and read. Moreover, it helps an author to organize his/her thoughts in a correct and logical way. An appropriate essay format will better hold the attention of your audience and convince it that your thesis is effective.

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