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Lady Macbeth is a character in Shakespeare's play “Macbeth”. She is Macbeth's wife who participated in the conquest of the throne by murder and treason. You can offer your personal analysis of the character in the essay on Lady Macbeth. In order to complete the paper successfully, you need to choose some points to investigate.

The following article will help you to analyze the character of Lady Macbeth more thoroughly. Here we will offer some views on this heroine. You are welcome to use our recommendations in order to form your personal opinion about this character.

1. The appearance of the heroine. What impression did you have? Did you change your opinion about her further?

For the first time Lady Macbeth appears on a stage reading a letter from her husband informing her that the witches have predicted that her husband will soon become the king of Scotland. Already from the start you understand that the woman is power-hungry and eager of winning a coveted position in society.

Lady Macbeth is, in fact, the one who pushes a husband to stain his hands and conscience in order to become a king. On his command King Duncan is killed. This makes Macbeth regret about having let the wife control the events. Despite the constant references to the cruelty that Lady Macbeth does, Shakespeare refrains from defining what makes the role of a black lady one of the most complicated to interpret in the theater.

2. Compare and contrast the two characters: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth is a person not less bright than her husband. First of all, Shakespeare is repeatedly stressing that she is very beautiful, charming, feminine and attractive. She and Macbeth are really wonderful pair which is worth each other. It is usually assumed that it was ambition Lady Macbeth to prompt her husband to the first crime committed by him - the murder of King Duncan, but it's not quite true. In theirs ambitions, they are also equal partners.

But unlike her husband, Lady Macbeth knows neither doubt nor hesitation. Moreover, she is unaware of compassion: that is why she is described as "iron lady". She can not comprehend that all her commitments are a sin. She never repents. She realizes it only when losing her mind. She sees the blood stains on her hands that can not be washed away. In the end Macbeth receives news of her death.

If you pursue the aim to write an excellent essay on Lady Macbeth, use the ideas presented in the article. If you carry out a thorough research using our descriptions, you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

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