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The term essay starter may seem unfamiliar to most of the students because it is not often used in the guides. Different articles on effective academic writing recommend you to write a catchy first sentence that will attract the reader's attention. This is, in fact, what an essay starter means. So, it is a part of the introduction that makes the reader interested in what you are going to say in the paper.

It is true, that essay starter is an essential part of your paper. If you want to succeed with your assignment, you need to create an interesting sentence that will fascinate the readers and make them want to be engaged in further reading. In the following article, we will give you some pieces of advice on writing a catchy sentence that will contribute to the overall paper progress.

Nowadays, the readers have very sophisticated preferences and do not want to waste their time on reading boring papers. If you value the time and attention of the readers, you need to apply the efforts in order to meet their interests and expectations. The introduction is the first section that comes into the reader's minds. By the success of it, they evaluate the paper and decide whether it is worth reading. So, you need to think of a sentence that will not make them disappointed.

1. You may start the introduction with an interesting quote taken from a reputable source of information. This quote must be somehow connected with the topic you are going to analyze in the paper. Moreover, do not forget to cite the source in an appropriate way.

2. Asking a reader a question is a very successful way to start the introduction. Usually it makes the reader curious to find out what answer to the question is offered by the author.

3. You may also try to shock the readers with some fact, statistic or example. This will also make them want to continue scanning the paper.

4. If you are assigned to complete an argumentative paper, you may begin the introduction with the idea that is opposite to your own conviction. Thus you will make your point much stronger by denying the opposite one.

When writing an essay, your primary aim should be to satisfy your readers. This can be successfully done through writing a catchy essay starter. Although, the only person who will read your paper may be a professor, you should also strive to meet his/her interests. Use one of the techniques given in the article and you will be surprised with the result.

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