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Biological evolution is a natural process of development of life on the Earth, accompanied by a change in the genetic composition of populations, the formation of adaptation, speciation and extinction of species, transformation of ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. If you are assigned to complete evolution research paper, firstly you need to choose an idea that will ensure the success.

If you are looking for the interesting ideas for the evolution research paper, you have already found a relevant article to consult with. Here we will present the list of ideas and show in what way they may be developed. Use the below information and you will not regret.

History of the evolution ideas development

The studies living organisms carried out in the XIX century have proved most that species change over time. However, the mechanisms remained unclear, these changes were described in the book "The Origin of Species” written by the British scientist Charles Darwin, where he commented on the natural selection as the driving force of evolution. The theory of Darwin and Wallace eventually was accepted by the scientific community. In the 30s of last century the idea of natural selection was combined with the laws of Mendel, which formed the basis of the synthetic theory of evolution.

The origin of life in the Earth

The origin of life is a necessary element for the beginning of evolution itself, but the study of evolutionary processes that started immediately after the first occurrence of the living organism does not depend on what we know about the origin of life. At this point, in science it is generally accepted that complex organic compounds and biochemical reactions evolved from simple chemical reactions, although, the details of this process are not completely clear yet. Also, there is no precise information about the early evolution of life, structure and characteristics of the first organisms. One of the key concepts, describing the origin of life hypothesis is the RNA.

Origin from a common ancestor

It is believed that all organisms on the Earth evolved from ancestral pool of genes. Thus, the living organisms we have today are the results of evolution, which was preceded by the processes of speciation and extinction. This was proved by four facts. Firstly, the geographical distribution of organisms can not be explained only by adaptation to specific environmental conditions. Secondly, all the living organisms of certain species have common structural features. Thirdly, vestigial organs resemble the functioning organs of ancestors. And, fourthly, all organisms can be classified based on similarities in the hierarchical nested groups.

In order to write an effective evolution research paper, you need to choose an interesting topic. Pick up the theme from the list and you will certainly impress the readers.

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