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Any research paper starts with stating its main issue. This issue is called a thesis, and it should be stated laconically, usually in one sentence. That is how examples of thesis statement look like. Their purpose is to introduce the subject of the research to the readers and to drive at its main points. The more skillful you are at formulating the thesis, the more interested your readers will be.

Each sentence of the academic writing work is valuable. This is what our writers think about academic and creative writing assignments. Sometimes, it may be difficult for students to cope with the task successfully, especially when they meet some type of writing for the first time. That is why we assist them by means of creating sample essays, research papers and writing guidelines. The guidelines are tools for our writers to share their experience with customers. Sample works embody practical implementations. Order this kit and you will sweep all the obstacles when writing your papers!

‘Analysis of today's globalization: how can countries benefit from it economically?', ‘Environmental problems of the native country: possible solutions to the existing problems' and ‘TV commercials on home screens: special programmes do not ban them any more' are examples of thesis statement of research papers. You can see that it can be formulated in the form of the question or simply like a statement. But still, the purpose remains the same. This is to introduce the subject of the research and to define what you are going to speak about.

What tips will be useful when working on thesis statement writing? First of all, you should define the type of the work you will deal with. If you are assigned to prepare an analytical task, the word' analysis' is necessarily to be in it. You may vary in defining the thesis of your work if you are to prepare an argumentative paper or a persuasive one.

The thesis statement is the first sentence of the first paragraph of your work. It should not be general. Instead, you are to provide your readers with the concrete statement of the matter you are going to discuss. ‘Establishing animal rights in the USA is crucial today' and ‘non-legalization of gay marriages in Belarus is the debatable question today' are specific examples of thesis statement writing. Also, remember that the topic of your work can be transformed while writing. So, do not forget to reread your thesis after you have accomplished your work. Modify it if necessary.

All the examples of thesis statement writing carry out the same function of naming the problem of the work. It specifies it and makes it clear what the whole work is about. Define the type of your paper and start your work with thesis writing. This beginning of the paper should be laconic and concrete. Then, it will cope with its function!

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