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The purpose of expository essay is to completely represent the other person's opinion or to report about an important situation or event. This type of writing presents a topic in detail, not taking into consideration criticism, development or argument. With the help of this kind of essay, a writer explains a subject or an idea by analyzing it. Thus, such academic writing is aimed to convey information and to clarify something that is difficult to understand.

The following article is aimed to provide you with the necessary skills needed for this type of writing. Moreover, it will outline basic steps to help you to create an excellent expository essay which will meet the needs of your professor. With the help of this guide you will learn how to choose an interesting topic, appropriate pattern of development and organization.

Step 1: Select a Topic.

Sometimes a professor gives a particular assignment which already includes a topic. In this case, you may omit this step. On the other hand, a professor may allow you to choose a topic which will be interesting for you. Thus, you should be able to choose it effectively. When selecting a topic, you should narrow it in accordance with the appropriate essay length. If your professor wants you to write a short essay, you shouldn't look for a wide topic which needs more room to be explained effectively.

Step 2: Choose a Pattern of Development.

There are some ways to develop your expository essay as well as to convey the necessary information: cause and effect, classification, compare and contrast, definition, example. Choose the one which you think fits the best and write your essay according to it.

Step 3: Choose a Pattern of Organization.

The choice of an appropriate pattern of organization depends on the recommended length of the essay. For a short writing you should choose “five paragraph” organization pattern which includes introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion. For longer essays you don't have to use this pattern, although, introduction and conclusion are essentially important, regardless of the essay length.

Step 4: Research Your Topic.

It is always necessary to perform a research on your topic before starting to write. Adequate knowledge of your subject will definitely lead to stronger piece of writing.

In conclusion, this article provided you with the four necessary steps which are essential in writing expository essay. Following these steps you will definitely write a work that will show your excellent skills in academic writing.

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