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Gun culture is a part of modern life. In 90 % of movies guns are

inseparable part of the plot. Main characters, which become idols for

teenagers, use guns like forks and give bad examples to their

admirers. Gun control persuasive essay tries to show the necessity of

gun usage regulation. The topic may be described as controversial one,

or present only pluses or minuses of the phenomenon.

Guns are usually associated with injuries and even deaths. There is a

proverb ‘if there is a gun on the stage, at the end of the performance

it will certainly take a shot'. This idea is also applied in real

life. Even if a person buys a gun for his own safety, such property

may lead to irreparable consequences.

There are a lot of pros and cons of the problem in gun control persuasive essay. On the one hand, if

the state bans completely usage of guns, the level of violence and

quantity of victims should reduce a lot. But, on the other hand, who

believes that guns are available only in licensed shops. On contrary,

most owners of guns purchased them illegally.

Talking about positive sides of owing guns, it can be admitted that guns may be indispensable in some occasions. For example, when there is menace of violence towards you, some woman in the street, or even towards your property. Fro example, if someone is breaking into your home, or trying to attack an old lady in the street and rob her or isstealong your car. It is not necessary to shoot, but the gun may be a good frightening device. You may prevent the crime by showing your gun to the criminal.

Not everyone, who owns weapon at home has the intention to use it. Sometimes such people have sad experience of dangerous situations and prefer to insure safety by purchasing a gun. Some live in a criminal district full of hooligans and gangs. Even if they are not involved in illegal way of life they prefer to sleep in safety and buy weapon to create some calm conditions.

The opposers of legal banning of the weapon are sure that such legislation will only widen the underground weapon market. Drugs are already prohibited, but millions of people are addicted and the same number is involved in drug trade. The same with guns. Besides, such interdiction will take guns from decent citizens. People, who purchase gun in the licensed store to keep his family in safe, will not address gun dealers on the corner of the street.

The supporters of gun banning declare that weapon is the reason of violence. Today the cases of teenage accidental killing. Sometimes, young people bring gun in the class to boast of their acquisition. They lack the knowledge how to behave with weapon and can accidentally pull the trigger in from of his or friend or teacher. In other cases, teenagers may have some psychological problems and rake with fire in the classroom intentionally.

Gun control persuasive essay is to show persuasive reasons to strengthen or, on contrary, weaken the regulation of weapon owning area.

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