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Some novices in academic writing ask themselves a question how to write a essay. They find it to be a complicated assignment which takes a lot of time to complete. In fact, it is not as challenging process as it first may seem. You just need a little effort and skills to cope with this task.

This article is providing help for those of you who know little how to write a essay. We will give some important instructions which will help to complete a essay easily and effortlessly. With the help of this article you will acquire necessary skills in academic writing which will be useful for completing other assignments as well.

Before you begin your writing, think about three important questions:

1. What are you going to write about?

2. Who will be your target audience?

3. What message do you want to deliver?

When you have decided on these questions you may switch to the other stage of the writing process which is called pre-writing.

Pre-writing starts with a brainstorming. Write everything that is in your mind considering the topic of your assignment. Note the main idea of your essay, words and phrases that relate to it and some points that are “for” and “against” your theme. Remember that you do not have to write complete sentences or paragraphs. Moreover, when brainstorming, you do not have to worry about spelling and grammar mistakes.

Build the outline of your writing that will serve as a skeleton of the future essay. The purpose of the outline is to sum up every paragraph of the paper. Here you also do not need to write complete paragraphs, but a few good sentences are important to be included. In this section you have to write your thesis statement and main ideas of every paragraph. Then, reread you outline and see if you like the organization of your paragraphs. If you do not, change it.

Now turn to writing your first draft. Here you should support your main ideas with relevant facts and evidences. Remember, that a purpose of your writing is to convince a reader with your ideas, so make sure that you sound influentially and authoritative. Moreover, write a conclusion that will restate your thesis statement and sum up the main ideas. Check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes as well. Now if you are satisfied with the result of your writing, you are done.

As you can see, to write a essay was not as hard as you first thought. With the help of the instructions given above you can be sure that your writing will meet the needs of your teacher or professor. Moreover, you will feel proud for yourself as you have done a great work!

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