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Literature review is not just a list of works you have read. In order to make the assignment successful, you need to analyze and evaluate different methods, approaches and theories of the works you have studied. If you want to complete this assignment effectively, you need to have a deeper insight into the peculiarities of this task. Thus, you will certainly know how to write a literature review.

Nowadays there are a lot of materials that will accessibly explain you how to write a literature review. The following article will comment on the most important peculiarities of this assignment which an average student should know. Use our instructions when writing your review and you will certainly perform an outstanding paper.

The structure of literature review greatly depends on the research area and the thesis statement. You will need to group the literary works in sections and then compare and contrast them in order to show what opinions are important to your topic. When describing a work, you need to give a general summary of the book and tell how this particular author has contributed to the success of your work. Moreover, do not be afraid to give your personal opinions about the book assistance to the research, even if they are negative.

Transitions are also important to use. When describing the works that belong to the same sections, use transitions like: again, also, similarly, in addition, etc. Moreover, if there is a disagreement between the thoughts presented by different authors, you need to indicate them using the transitions: although, however, on the other hand, nevertheless, conversely, etc.

The language you use when writing the literature review should be simple but professional. Do not use personal language and colloquialisms. Literature review does not require you to show your emotions and passion. So, it is better for you to stay objective when giving your opinions about the books. Also, remember to be respectful to the other viewpoints.

There should also be a summary of what a literature involves in the end of the review. Also, it should be connected to your thesis statement, hypothesis or question.

A literature review requires you to devote a lot of time and effort in order to describe and evaluate the books you have used in the paper. If you do not know how to write a literature review that stands out from the rest, use our tips and soon you will be able to create a valuable work.

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