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‘How to write a narrative story?' is a popular question among the students when they face relative assignment. The essential thing about the narrative story is that it tells readers about some event or experience in the form of a story. Ant the second important thing is that this story must lead to some result. It means that the author does not tell about something with the aim just to recite, bit he/she tell it with some particular goal to explain something or to learn readers or providing them some new experience.

If you do not have a clue how to write a narrative story, begin with the its subject. You should choose the story you are going to tell about. It may be some event from your own life or life of your friends and relatives. Try to choose a strong subject to write your own exciting narration. The main goal of the story is to attract a reader and make him remember the story for a long time. The best method to create such writing is appeal to all human's senses by your exciting plot.

The narrative stories title is the second step of its writing. The name of the story must attract from the first sight. It should contain some mystery, allusion on the content of the text, and the promise of something interesting.

In the introduction of the story, you must explain the main point of your writing. Besides, it is important to mention the reason, why are telling it to the reader. This first part of your narration must be strong a persuasive to catch reader's attention at once.

In the body, you tell the story itself. You narrate facts in order to get to the main purpose of the story. Do not forget that the story must have some effect on reader's feeling, that is why it useful to use bright descriptions and do not forget about sounds, smells, and looks. All text must have some logical order. It is necessary to avoid redundant information. Every sentence must be clear and contain some idea. Though a narrative story is a description of something, it is not necessary to describe in too many words.

The conclusion of the narration consists of the short summary of your story, ending by the massage you are sending to the reader. The entire story should lead to this parting word.

If you still are wondering how to rite a narrative story, refer to special samples, which are rather widespread online. But, do not use them as your own and file to get some grade. A good narration may be only about the subject a person is passionate about.

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