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Persuasive speeches are aimed to convince the audience about your points of view on a certain themes. Interesting persuasive speech topics will catch the attention of the listeners. Thus, you will be able to present your opinions effectively. In order to find good persuasive topics, you need to carry out a research that will provide you with appropriate ideas that you may use in your speech presentation.

The following article will give you some hints on the ideas you may present in order to convince the audience. Look through the list carefully and try to choose the topics that correspond to your personal priorities. Here you will certainly find the most interesting persuasive speech topics that will meet your highest expectations.

Interesting persuasive speech topics:

1. The real threat of the global warming.

2. Your attitude towards single parent adoption.

3. Should religion belong to public education?

4. Do you consider human cloning moral and humane?

5. Do video games promote violence?

6. Should gun companies be responsible for increasing crime rates?

7. Marijuana legalization.

8. Juvenile crimes should be punished as severely as adult crimes.

9. It is dangerous to use cell phones when driving.

10. What age should be an adoptee in order to know who his/her true parents are?

11. Luck is just the matter of chance.

12. Is school testing evaluating the true knowledge of students?

13. Embryonic research.

14. It is important to know your ancestors.

15. Genetically modified food.

16. Volunteering.

17. The destruction of ozone layer.

18. Zoos are safe places for endangered animal species.

19. Is it effective to study away from school?

20. Religion at schools.

21. International adoption.

22. Gay couples should be given a right to adopt children.

23. Should vaccination be compulsory?

24. Do we need to preserve virginity for future husbands and wives?

25. Should the cultural treasures be returned to their homelands?

26. Democracy is limiting rights of certain people.

27. Drug testing in schools.

28. The impact of Hollywood on modern society.

29. Retirement age should be extended.

30. Carrier or marriage. What is more important?

Interesting persuasive speech topics will ensure the success of your presentation. Moreover, you will gain the reputation of a confident and ongoing public speaker. If you want to achieve all these benefits, do not hesitate to choose the topic from the above list.

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