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Into the wild essays are associated with the book called “Into the wild” that was written by Jon Krakauer. The book tells about the life and death of one American man named Christopher McCandless. The story starts when Christopher decides to become a tramp. He says nothing about his decision to his parents, abandons his car and leaves his usual surroundings. He takes a new name Alexander Supertramp. He decides to become a tramp not because he wants to live in poverty and wear dirty clothes like all tramps do. He wants to free his soul from all the stupid troubles that people have throughout their lives. Christopher sees that every person he meets lives a planned live in which there is no place for freedom of heart. He considers being in the civilized world as being trapped in daily routine for his entire life. He wants to be free so he leaves. People have to go to work, obey their bosses and spend their lives on things that are far from their dreams. They are not in jail, but they are trapped for ever. He wants to be really free that is why he decides to go into the wild.

Those who have never read the book have to read it in order to create a great document. If you have no time to read the book, you had better come to us and tell us the requirements to your paper. We will assign one of our tremendously professional writers to compose you a remarkable essay on the subject. You are to send a letter to us without delay and you will receive your paper momentarily. We are a reliable online writing service. Come to us and you will see that it is true.

Into the wild essays should describe the plot of the book called “Into the wild” as well. In the introductory part of your essay, you are to present the book, the author and the main character. Christopher McCandless is the protagonist. Society is the antagonist. Christopher reaches an isolated region of the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. He finds an old and deserted bus there and settles in it. He hunts animals and gathers berries in order to feed himself. Nevertheless, he dies of hunger after accidental poisoning by some wild berries. It is a really said story. Christopher McCandless only wants to free himself from the entire world and live a happy life of joy and beauty in the nature, but ends up dying at the age of 24.

Into the wild essays must also say that Christopher McCandless did what probably each person in the world wants to do but never finds spiritual strength to do it. Christopher may have been successful in his undertaking if he had prepared in a proper way. Nonetheless, Christopher felt a strong impulse to leave and he could not stay any longer to prepare. It cost him life.

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