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What develops students' morality and makes their inner world richer to the greatest extent? Perhaps, writing analytical works on literature masterpieces. There are a lot of works that can be called outstanding without any exaggeration. Fortunately, the English literature is full of such examples. The great number of them was created by William Shakespeare. Students are assigned to express their ideas on this or that subject of a certain masterpiece in the form of essays. ‘Merchant of Venice' essays are just of this type!

Our writers share the idea of importance of books in our life completely. There is nothing more useful and pleasant than deriving deep knowledge from the books. Sometimes it can be challenging, especially when you have to arrange all the ideas in the academic writing form. That is why we assist students with it. sample critical works and writing guidelines on preparing analytical literature works are what they are looking for!

‘Merchant of Venice' essays are the analytical assignments. If you read this work by Shakespeare carefully, you will find a great number of important details that bring some moral value to readers. Focus on them and try not to miss a thing when you concentrate on writing ‘Merchant of Venice' essays.

There can be a few approaches to arrange this work. For example, you may focus your work on the character analysis of this play. Who is the main character? Why? What does each character add to the whole story? Name the characters and support your ideas with quotations. Shakespeare's language will add much to your essay!

What is the main theme of the play? If you define it, you may aim your essay at describing it. We can say that there are a few themes in ‘The Merchant of Venice'. The first one is the anti-Semitic line. Explain why you can call this play a prayer for tolerance and loyalty in the society in your ‘Merchant of Venice' essays. Should a person be neglected for his or her nationality?

Another line of this play is the sexual relations. Describe to your readers that this topic was a kind of a mutual one in the times when the play appeared. Still if you read it carefully, you may find some hints on the value of relationship between a man and a woman and two men. What is more precious? How can such choice appear? What solution is made in the play?

You cannot but enjoy writing ‘Merchant of Venice' essays. The atmosphere of Shakespeare's times and the content will never leave you indifferent. Concentrate on the character analysis or on describing one of the two themes. Support your ideas with quotations and express your standpoint. If you do so, your ‘Merchant of Venice' essays will be appreciated by your audience!

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