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Narrative essay includes a story from the author's personal experience. It is aimed to inform your reader about something important in your life that helped you to look at yourself with a new insight. Narrative essay have been always an interesting assignment to complete, although, it has some requirements that should be followed.

The following article will comment on the basic rules that contribute to the overall success of the narrative essay. Use these instructions and you will certainly get a better understanding of the task you need to complete. Moreover, you will acquire new important skills that will help you to achieve a great result.

If you have not decided yet what story will be included in the essay, here are some ideas to consider:

1. you may write about some vital past experience;

2. you may describe a recent event that made you change your mind about something;

3. you may tell about an experience lived through by somebody you know well.

Note that the story should have a clear purpose. In the end of you paper you need to sum up the importance of the experience impact analyzed in the essay.

The paper introduction should start with some general information about a topic. Then, an author needs to include a thesis statement that will give the reader some hint what experience will be described.

The paper should provide a lot of details in order to ensure the reader with proper understanding of the place, characters, actions and feelings that are described in the paper. The author should appeal to the emotions by using specific style and language.

The conclusion should outline the lesson learned through the experience described in the paper. Tell your reader about something new that you understood after the event happened to you or describe the personal improvement you have got.

Make the story personal. Use the specific details in such a way that the reader has a feeling that you share something private with him/her. Moreover, make the paper positive and lively in order to leave the reader satisfied with the outcome of the story.

To sum up, narrative essay is very interesting and engaging assignment if you learn all its peculiarities and know what is expected from you to do. If you lack this knowledge, the above tips will assist you in writing a paper that stands out from the rest. Moreover, the recommendations provided in the article will help you to impress the reader with the story you tell.

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