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Oedipus Rex essays are related to a Greek tragedy called “Oedipus Rex” that was written by Sophocles. The protagonist of the play is Oedipus; he is portrayed as a hero. He is a characteristic Greek tragedy hero. He has two types of traits of character. On one hand, he is brave and clever. On the other hand, he is arrogant, proud of himself and blind to the truth. The story about Oedipus is full of dramatic components that are typical for Greek plays. The central events in the story are the following: Oedipus murders his own father and marries his mother, and then he blinds himself. The truth is that those events were prophesied to his parents, Laius and Jocasta, and they decided to kill him. They wanted to change fate. Nevertheless, Greek gods save Oedipus in their unique way. Along with his terrible acts, he also performed heroic deeds. He saved a city when he killed the Sphinx. Such strange combination of different traits of character is classic for Greek tragedies.

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Oedipus Rex essays must show that blind Tiresias is an opposing image to the king because unlike Oedipus, he is blind but the truth is visible to him. Oedipus's parents played a significant role in their son's deeds. When they left him in the mountains to perish, he was found by the people, who then raised him. As a result, Oedipus believed that they were his biological parents. He killed his father Laius not knowing that he was his father. After Oedipus guessed the riddle of the Sphinx, he was made the king of Thebes. Later, he married Jocasta not knowing that she was his mother. After some time, a prophet opened the truth to Oedipus. He realized that he had been blind to the truth for so long. He understood that everything had been obvious from the very beginning. This disclosure of the painful truth is the culmination of “Oedipus Rex”.

Oedipus Rex essays have to state that the central problem of the play is Oedipus's blindness to the truth. It is added by physical blindness when he blinds himself as a punishment.

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