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Outsourcing is defined as transmitting specific business processes or business functions by one company to another service company specializing in the same field. In contrast to the other one-time and random services, outsourcing is used to transmit the functions of professional support based on long-term contract (minimum 1 year). The presence of a business process is a key feature of outsourcing which distinguishes it among the others forms of customer service.

Outsourcing covers a wide range of aspects that can be discussed in your outsourcing research paper. In the following article we will present the most important ones that you may analyze and investigate. In such a way you can be sure that your paper will catch attention of the readers and, thus, will bring you the desired success.

1. There are certain reasons why companies use outsourcing. Among them there are: cost savings, focus on business essence, cost restructuring, quality improvement, etc. Think about more reasons and present them in your research paper.

2. There are also different ways of outsourcing implications in the companies. Tell your readers what this process involves and what advantages and disadvantages it brings to the companies and customers.

3. There is no common opinion on outsourcing. Some people claim that it should not be used because it may cause job losses. The others argue that outsourcing is beneficial because it improves the quality of the services and the prices are getting lower. Present your opinion about the process and prove it with the reliable support.

4. There are different outsourcing activities that may be analyzed in your research paper. For example, information technologies, research, manufacturing, etc. Investigate these activities thoroughly and tell about their implementation in different companies.

5. Discuss the issue of outsourcing from a perspective of different countries. For, example in the USA this process became popular during presidential elections in 2004 and since that time is successfully implemented in most US big companies.

6. Analyze how outsourcing is used in a particular company. For example, Nokia outsourcers the production of sportswear, its distribution and sale. The company has reserved only the design of manufactured clothing, control patents and trademarks.

Outsourcing is a very interesting issue to investigate. Choose the idea for the outsourcing research paper from the list and you will not regret.

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