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Persuasive essays are aimed to teach the students various skills. When completing the assignment, you learn how to use appropriate arguments in order to convince the readers. Moreover, your writing skills improve greatly after constant training. In order to show all these abilities on writing, you need to know how to write excellent persuasive papers.

When writing a persuasive essay, a student usually makes a lot of mistakes. In order to prevent this, we have elaborated the following article. Here you will find necessary “don'ts” of the persuasive paper that need to be avoided. Read the information carefully and you will know how to complete an outstanding paper.

All the “don'ts” of persuasive essay:

1. Don't be negative when writing a persuasive paper. State the argument clearly by creating a strong thesis statement that will make the reader interested in its development. Thus, avoid using words that have negative meaning.

2. When you present the opposite point of view in order to deny it, you are expected to prove that it is wrong by some effective supporting evidence. But some students often try to threaten the readers who have opposite opinion. This is not correct. Remember, that you should not be hostile to the people who do not share your opinion. You just need to convince that their position is not right.

3. Do not use the argument that includes either/or position. If you do not agree with some fact, you should not invent the ways of opposition. For example: “If the government does not lower the drinking age, we might buy alcohol illegally as well.”

4. Do not distract the reader's attention from the main idea of the paper by introducing the points that are not directly related to discussion.

5. Do not try to persuade the readers that something is good because everybody does or likes it. This argument is not relevant. You should try to convince the others by introducing effective proofs.

6. Do not use the pronoun “I” in your essay.

7. Avoid using vague terms, because people might have different opinions about one thing. You should aim to persuade that something is wrong or right by introducing proper support.

In order to write an excellent persuasive essay, you need to be aware of certain things that should be avoided. Use the pieces of advice presented in the article effectively and you will be able to write a paper that will meet all the necessary requirements and satisfy even the strictest readers.

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