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When you are assigned to create a presentation in PowerPoint, the task may first seem daunting for you. In fact it is very interesting and enjoyable way of introducing new material. You audience will certainly like to be involved into creative and informative presentation created with the help of certain skills.

If you do not know how to make a presentation that will captivate the attention of the readers, it is not the right time to use the PowerPoint presentation service yet. In our article you will find some helpful tips on how to manage interesting and effective presentation. Use our recommendation thoroughly and you will definitely satisfy your audience.

1. To maintain clarity of the message and audience's attention, you should reduce the number of slides in a presentation to a minimum.

2. The correct choice of the font, such as Helvetica or Arial, promotes more rapid understanding of the message meaning. Avoid narrow fonts such as Arial Narrow, and serif fonts such as Times.

3. The correct choice of font size contributes to faster understanding of the meaning of the message as well.

4. Use bullets or short sentences in order to keep a message on one line without wrapping. It is essential that the audience listens to the report, but does not grasp the meaning of the text on the screen.

5. Use graphics that enhance the perception. However, do not overload the slide with graphics.

6. Use captions to the elements of a chart or graph that contain not more text than it is necessary to uncover their meaning.

7. Choose an attractive and appropriate, not too bright background in a pattern or theme. Background or slide design should not distract the audience from the message.

8. In order not to lose the respect of the audience, always check the grammar and spelling in your presentation.

9. Rehearse your presentation in order to learn to express a thought using only the point-markers. The text should be the key to the words of the speaker.

10. If the presentation is allocated a certain time-frame, try to keep within this time interval. If the presentation is not limited, try not to make it too long.

11. During the presentation, watch the behavior of the audience. If the audience's attention is focused on the slides, it could mean that the slides contain too much information, or distract attention for another reason. Use this experience to improve the training of future presentations.

In order to create an interesting presentation you do not have to use PowerPoint presentation service. The task is easy enough to cope by yourself. Use our tips and you will not regret.

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