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When a tutor wants to check student's ability to find solutions of some problem and to present them logically on the paper, he/she is proposing a solution essay as an assignment. This writing makes you find some problem and provide it with rational solution.

The most difficult task in writing such essay is to find a problem. It should be precise and have some practical resolution. Moreover, it the problem must be neutral. It means that you should not write about the politician, who makes you crazy or disgusting pastry, sold around the corner. The problem must be narrow and precise, because too broad issues may be very difficult to analyze. For example, if you choose the environmental pollution topic in general, you will have to describe each type of the pollution, explain their cases and effects, write about the solution of the problems in each type and it is very difficult to work out practical propositions how to avoid global pollution. But, if you decide to write about lake Michigan pollution, you will provide a reader with a practical solution of the lake's pollution.

When you have already defined the topic, you need to make an extensive background research. Thus, you will collect all the information about the problem and formulate precise solutions. Keep in mind that small details may be more useful than major ones. In this regard, pay attention not only to general views on the problem, but also to minor points.

At the beginning of the essay, you should state the problem and explain why it is so important to resolve it. In the introduction, it is better to describe causes of the problem and its extent. Make an emphasis on the problem's effects, which lead to the idea why it should be resolved.

In the body section, you should provide with the background information, you've found during your research. Before revealing your own solution to the problem, tell about some other thought on this account. It is always better to depict others' ideas by comparing to yours, but emphasizing on the fact that yours are better. The goal of your essay is to show that your solution suits the problem best. In this main part, you also propose practical steps, which must be taken to solve the problem. Besides, it is necessary to explain how your plan is going to work.

In the conclusion, you make a short summary of the proposed solution and call the audience for some action in this direction. You must show the reader what the situation will be if you apply your version of the problem resolution. Proposing a solution essay a tutor wants you to find the way out of the problem. On the one hand, his task is to check your academic skills, but on the other h/she wants to learn whether you are a person of action and how you can use your essay in order to find a practical solution to proposed problem. Thus, the best way to end a solution essay is to organize some relative to the problem club or to publish your writing in the newspaper to attract people's attention to the problem.

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