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Writing a quantitative research report can be a challenging task if you do not manage to pick the necessary approach to it. The procedure of holding the research or writing the report will not differ from the usual ones. What is the specific trait of a quantitative research report? This trait lies in the fact that such reports should always include some statistics data worked out from the experiment the results of which have been counted and analyzed. This is the main point that makes this type of report writing special.

The members of our professional think that this type of report writing is rather useful and it makes the whole work look relevant. Sometimes it may be difficult for writers to cope with this task successfully, especially when they deal it with it for the first time. If they turn to us for help, all the problems will disappear. We are always ready to present a sample work or a step-by-step guideline that will erase all the misunderstandings.

Writing a quantitative research report will start from analyzing the basic aspects of a research. Thus, first of all you should focus your attention on the main sections of the work. Does the introduction state the thesis clearly? Is the subject of the report introduced in it? Have a careful look at the main part of the work and find out whether the topic is presented completely. What literature sources has the author used? Are they relevant? What does the information to the general picture of the whole work?

Once you have received the general image of the research, you may concentrate on the quantitative part of it. What test or survey has the author carried out? What results have been received? Do they match the generally accepted trends? If they differ, why is it so? Answer these questions and you will receive the explanation to the background of the experiment and the importance of its results.

Now you may get down to researching the methods the author used in the work. A quantitative research report will not deal with the gathering materials methods only. It will be of the secondary importance for you. What methods have been implemented to analyze the results of the test? What statistics approach has been used? How has the author structured the data? These questions should be the most significant for you!

A quantitative research report focuses on investigating the results presented in the work and the ways to receive them. You will not cope with this task if you are not aware of statistics methods to process data. But first, you dwell on the general image of the research and express your own opinion about it. Once familiarized to the subject of the work, proceed to dealing with figures!

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