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Preparing a speech is among the most interesting and challenging academic tasks. So, how to choose the best among a great variety of speech topics? How to draw the attention of the audience? How to make your speech interesting? In this paper, you will find the most effective tips, which will help you sound interesting, persuasive and eloquent.

If you experience any difficulties in choosing yours among a great number of speech topics, feel free to contact us. Our professional copy-writers, writers, and editors will be happy to assist you with this task. You will receive a plagiarism-free paper just on time you specify. So, if you need professional help, contact our company.

Tip 1

Do some research. Even if the issue you need to address does not seem to require a great amount of additional information, using statistical data, for instance, will make your narration much more argumentative and persuasive. For instance, if your task is to express your attitude towards death penalty, you may find some interesting facts from history or compare how this issue is addressed in other countries.

Tip 2

Cite wise men. Ancient and modern philosophers, scientists and writers have leaved us a priceless heritage… make use of it and use some quotes! If you cite Aristotle, Nietzsche or your favorite writer, you will produce an expression of a really knowledgeable person. The audience's attention is guaranteed!

Tip 3

In contrast to a great variety of academic papers, speeches typically do not have such rigid requirements. A reasonable usage of stylistic devices will add a zest to what you say. Hyperboles, metaphors and euphemisms will make you sound really eloquent. One of the most effective stylistic devices, which is especially useful if your audience is not attentive enough, is rhetorical question. For example, if you say “And what do you think happens then?” even the most inattentive listeners will prickle their ears.

Tip 4

To speak on public is not always easy, especially if you are a shy person or just do not have enough experience. For inexperienced speakers, it is often a problem to establish a contact with audience and to avoid looking in the window or at the ceiling.If you have the same problem, a good idea is to choose one person who you can address, especially if it is your friend. Fix your eyes on him/her. Even if you are dying with shyness, everybody will still believe that you are a confident person, who is not afraid of speaking to a big audience.

We hope that choosing among possible speech topics and preparing your performance would be much easier after you have read this paper.

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