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‘Thanatopsis' poem is the piece of American literature created by William Bryant. The title of the poem is of Greek origin, and it can be translated as ‘the reflection on death'. This poem represents rather deep philosophical aspects on people's life and death. Students are required to express their viewpoints on this sad subject in their ‘Thanatopsis' poem essays.

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Have you ever thought about death? All the humans die â€" this is the law of nature. Is it the end of everything? Is it the beginning of something? What should people be scared of? You are to answer these and more question in your ‘Thanatopsis' poem essay. Remember that you are to prepare an academic writing work, that is why you should strictly follow the structure of it.

What is the best way to start your ‘Thanatopsis' poem essay? Of course, the best option will be to choose a few lines from this poem and to write them in the introduction. This will tune your readers to the necessary mood and introduce the subject of your work. Then, you may proceed to writing the main body of your work. What points can be described there? The very first one is that the author focuses on the world we live in and on the world where we get after death. Do not be afraid to get there, as you will never be alone there. Your relatives and friends who are dead are waiting for you there.

The second point of your interest can be the matter that all the people should be equal. There is no matter whether you are rich or poor, whether you are hard-working or lazy. All the people die. Thus, we are all equal. You cannot judge anyone. Just lead the way of your life. When it comes to end, be calm and face it with dignity. This is what ‘Thanatopsis' poem teaches us. Do you agree with it? What ideas have appeared in your head while reading this poem? Express then in the conclusion that will be the logical end of your work.

A ‘Thanatopsis' poem essay is a critical and analytical work. All ideas of yours are to be arranged in the academic writing form. Start it with the citation, develop a few ideas about life and death, about equality of people and about facing the moment of death in the main body, and express your standpoint in the conclusion. Then your readers will consider your work serious and take it into consideration.

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