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To write a research paper you need to carefully investigate the topic using different sources of information such as Internet websites, books, magazines, articles, etc. A research paper is usually more complicated assignment than an essay. That is why the requirements are more sophisticated and the process of writing involves more stages. Moreover, you need learn some peculiarities of the research paper that differ it from the other academic assignments.

If you are stuck with the research paper assignment, the following article was elaborated to provide you with the professional assistance. Use our tips and recommendations and you will be able to perform the task successfully. Furthermore, you will acquire new essential skills that will help you to carry out a research effectively and thoroughly.

Think of the purpose of the research paper. According to it you must choose between two types of the paper: analytical and argumentative. Analytical research paper focuses on a new insight about the familiar topic. The issue must not obligatory be controversial, but you should be able to persuade the readership about the accurateness of your hypothesis. Argumentative research paper analyses one of the sides of a highly controversial issue. The author should be able to present evidence in order to support his/her convictions.

Consider the following stages of the research paper writing process:

1. Choose a topic that is interesting and urgent. Moreover, it should be specific enough to determine the scope of the survey.

2. Write a strong thesis statement that will present your hypothesis or the side of the issue you are going to argue.

3. Find the sources that will give you deeper insight into the topic's peculiarities. There are a lot of sources available on a variety of research paper themes such as books, magazines, journals, websites, etc. Choose the sources that have all the newest and verified information about the issue.

4. Carry out a thorough research that will provide you with the supporting statements and reliable evidence.

5. Outline the paper in order to map the process of writing and defending your point.

6. Write a draft of the paper. Focus on the structure that should be logical and coherent.

7. Reread the paper and create a final draft that will not contain any kind of slips and errors.

8. Create a reference page that will list the sources used in the survey.

To write a research paper you need to pay a lot of attention and efforts. If you want to make the process easier, use the above recommendations and you certainly will not fail.

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