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When you are assigned to write an argumentative essay, it is always an important task to choose a relevant topic that will outline your knowledge in academic writing as well as the ability to provide arguments. Moreover, you need to find a topic that will be interesting for you to write about.

If you have met some challenges with choosing the right topic for argumentative essays, look through the information provided by our article. Here you will find new appropriate themes for argumentative papers. Moreover, if you choose a topic provided by the article, you can be sure that the writing process will become interesting and fascinating. Thus, you will enjoy writing your essay and will complete it with no efforts.

Topics for argumentative essays

1. Do you think that the college admission is excessively competitive?

2. Is the cost of education too high?

3. Do you think that the students should be allowed to evaluate the knowledge of their tutors?

4. Are the home tasks helpful or harmful?

5. Do you think that the women's friendship exists? Are the women able to support a long lasting relationship?

6. Is the fashion necessary?

7. Do you think it is right that a girl asks a boy out?

8. Does religion lead to wars?

9. Is the competitive environment in the work place beneficial?

10. Does the hobby prevent a teenager to stay out of trouble?

11. Do you think that most people should go to single-sex schools? What are the benefits of this type of education?

12. If you had enough power, would you let the gay couples marry?

13. Should the people after 18 be allowed to drink alcohol beverages?

14. Should the teenagers be allowed to have more freedom?

15. Is the increasing use of Internet beneficial or detrimental?

16. Are college professors underpaid?

17. Do you think it is possible to influence adult's person behavior?

18. Is women alcoholism curable?

19. Do you think that feminism is a positive phenomenon?

20. Should the TV companies ban advertising oriented on children?

21. Is it possible to renew the morals of our society?

22. Are video games harmful?

23. Should spanking be considered child abuse?

24. Does the antismoking policy meet its goals?

25. Should the parents discuss sex with their children?

So, it is essential to choose the topics for argumentative essays that will be interesting for you to research. Look through the themes provided by this article and you will certainly find the one that will meet your requirements.

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