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It is difficult to say what is an essay in a single brief definition. On the whole, it is a creative piece of work, quite often seen from the author's angle. There is no exact regulation about the length or form of an essay. However, academic papers usually have a certain subdivision and it is possible to distinguish several types of works, such as narrative, descriptive, comparative, analytical, critical, argumentative, rhetorical, and some more. Depending on the type and purpose of the paper, its structure may differ greatly. Still, in every work it is possible to distinguish introduction, main body and conclusion.

Whenever you find yourself at difficulty writing any type of the essays mentioned above, do not try to download a ready-made paper and make it look as your own one. If you have no ideas, or time, or you simply do not wish to write a paper independently, consult the professionals. Here you will get any help you require, as our devoted writers are able to make any paper unique and original. The papers our clients receive are all written from scratch according to the highest academic standards and requirements.

So, what is an essay, after all? First of all, it is an academic paper that follows some specific rules and regulations. When the task is assigned to the student, he is usually informed about the format of the paper, its length, type and purpose. As we have already noted, any paper consists of introduction, main body and conclusion. The structuration of the main body will differ for different types of papers, however, an introduction and conclusion are essential for every kind of creative work. Introduction is the part of the paper where you expose your reader to the main points you are going to discuss and formulate your thesis. A thesis is a topic sentence in any paper, so it is supposed to be brief but meaningful. The number of paragraphs of the main body will much depend on the number of points you present either to support or contradict your central statement. For instance, argumentative papers usually include five paragraphs, while comparative ones â€" only four. In conclusion you shape up the results of your work, and briefly summarize its main points.

Each type of paper has a style of its own. For narrative, autobiographical and, sometimes, descriptive papers, your tone should always remain personal and open. For the works like analytical, critical, or rhetorical, this approach is inexcusable. So, you see that whenever you ask yourself what is an essay, you should first of all define what exact type of the paper you are thinking about.

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