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Skill of demonstrating analytical attitude and researching techniques in non-standard cases is one of the essential capabilities a recent graduate has to master. For this purpose, at any academic institution much attention is drawn to the organization of comprehensive and investigation process for students, to the improvement of logical thinking abilities and researching unique sources for reliable evidence and specialists' opinion.

Our research group is dedicated to offering university and college students who ask us “Write my essay” comprehensive online writing services. Processing a research project is a challenge for you, when it is a real pleasure for our professional paper writers to have you an opportunity to help you with complicated academic assignments. We aim at meeting the demands and specifications of all our customers, which often results in exceeding their expectations and hopes.

The expertise of our writing exerts allows them to state that the quality of any academic written project is based on three components:

• The quality of the reference list and source works (the details of the deliberated material, results of discussions, student's viewpoints and thoughts on the subject matter);

• The quality of the analyzed data (the information organization, formatting, dwellings and arguments);

• Processing (ability to investigate, develop, and compare theoretical data with actual findings).

It is not effective to prepare academic paper without referring to primary and secondary sources. Very often, before assigning students with a task of completing a paper, the teacher invites them them to process various primary sources on the topic instead of asking other people: “Write my essay”. These materials may contain contradictory data or additional facts. These materials are represented by chapters from textbooks, articles from scientific journals and different publications. It is essential for students to select by themselves or with the assistance of their supervisor several useful articles or paragraphs of books that can make up a conceptual basis for theoretical and practical findings.

Academic paper processing is estimated according to the following points:

• The skill of responding to questions;

• The skill of focusing on the subject matter and following the related topics;

• The skill of applying reasonable argumentation;

• The skill of employing data and investigation when describing and analyzing a problem;

• The skill of presenting different viewpoints and expressing one's thoughts.

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